“Earth Campus”
‍Don Bosco Vocational Training Center
Architecture: Studio Anna Heringer & Lord Zigato
Owners: Salesians of Don Bosco (SDB) in Ghana
Project and fund coordination in Europe: Don Bosco Mondo e.V. 
Engineering: Christian Paul Agboada
Consulting:  ERDEN school, Martin Rauch (earthen structures), Transsolar (Climate engineering) Peter Reischer
Landscaping and Agriculture: Tristan Toé
This project is for the Tatale community, a sustainable teaching, learning, training and production centre at the northeast of Ghana on the Togo border. It is run by the Salesians with their Don Bosco mission.

There will be a school to learn sustainable construction techniques such as adobe masonry, rammed earth, timber structures etc., a school for agriculture and the production of local agricultural products, an electrical training centre, domestic economy and healthy nutrition as well as student dorms, a community hall, library and teacher accommodations. Through this vocational training the young people are to be enabled to secure the living for the families and to counteract the problem of rural exodus and emigration.

For decades, construction in the context of international aid has predominantly followed a specific pattern: foreign organizations erect their structures, based on a simple grid pattern and made of industrialized, often imported materials, in the midst of vernacular buildings. Development projects do not typically incorporate endogenous potentials or valuable local building traditions. Yet since these initiatives originate from wealthy and powerful parts of the world, the imported materials become status symbols: strength and stability, power, education, prosperity.

This project aims to develop an alternative. Building with natural materials, such as earth, maximizes the potentials of freely available resources and creates employment opportunities. As a result, investments in the built environment generate returns in both environmental and social capital.

This is what we call architecture for development.

Text: Courtesy of Studio Anna Heringer

First classroom elevation © Grzegorz Oleniecki
Earth Campus site plan collage © Studio Anna Heringer
Earth Campus site plan © Studio Anna Heringer
Tatale Tamale region © Katharina Kohlroser
First classroom perspective © Grzegorz Oleniecki
First classroom approach © Grzegorz Oleniecki
Restroom facilities elevation © Grzegorz Oleniecki
Second classroom elevation © Grzegorz Oleniecki
Future students looking through the window © Grzegorz Oleniecki
Digging clay for construction © Grzegorz Oleniecki
First classroom construction © Anna Heringer
First classroom construction © Anna Heringer
Restroom facilities construction © Grzegorz Oleniecki
Second classroom construction © Grzegorz Oleniecki
Construction mud forming © Grzegorz Oleniecki
Classroom floor construction © Grzegorz Oleniecki
Future student unit © Alizée Cugney
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