About Us
Architecture for Hope is a platform to amplify the voices in need that might never be heard and magnify architecture that resonates with them.

We do it for you.

So you can get to know actual people and communities in need and support human and climate-conscious projects that genuinely change their lives.

Give yourself an opportunity to listen, get to know, and support.

Help us build a better world.


At Architecture for Hope, we value what truly matters: the dignity of human life. It is because we believe that everyone deserves a dignified life, regardless of social, economic, geographical, or any other unprivileged circumstances. In our case, behind the word ‘everyone’ are particular people in need. We want you to know them.

Our goal is to give you a chance to support specific architectural projects that respond to their needs since we believe that careful and considerate design can be an instrument to raise one’s life dignity in the long term perspective. Thus, our primary focus is on projects tackling education, healthcare, climate change, housing, and the sustainable workplace.

We treat the planet as a valuable resource. Therefore, while providing a platform to create equal opportunities, we aim to care about our environment at the same time.


We are more than a website. We provide insight into the key challenges we face as humanity, and we want to allow you to support design initiatives that manage and mitigate those challenges. Our vision is very streamlined on purpose, as we want to focus on specific problems, lives, and communities.

We value you, and we do not treat people as a mass. We want you to know exactly for whom and for what aim you contribute before you do so because we care about your goodwill and your resources. At the same time, we aim to build an equal world with your contribution.

We treat collaboration as a key to success. Therefore, we collaborate with partners on a project-by-project basis to achieve specific and tangible goals. We want to create a network of people ready to share resources to dignify lives in need using the medium of architecture.

Team & partners

Grzegorz Oleniecki
(architect, initiative founder)

José Blenda

Project partner list below: